Traffic Tickets (Speeding)

Traffic tickets in Kansas and Missouri

Were you ticketed for speeding, or another traffic offense? Perhaps the officer said that you rolled through that stop sign, or were driving too fast for the road/weather conditions? Just because a law enforcement officer issued you a ticket does not mean you should plead guilty or no contest. An experienced traffic attorney will explain your options and offer an opinion on what action you should take.

We know that our clients are very busy people and often do not want to waste time coming to our physical office. As a result, we do a significant amount of work with clients completely over the internet or over the phone. Moreover, we try to work it so that you will either, not have to go to court, or limit your appearance to once. We are not able to do this in every case.

If a law enforcement officer has issued you a traffic ticket that does not necessarily mean that you are guilty or have to pay it. At Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients. Many people assume that when they receive a ticket, their only option is to simply pay it. An experienced traffic lawyer will tell you that simply accepting your "fate", so to speak, can have a negative impact on your life.

By paying the ticket and mailing it in, you are pleading guilty or no contest in some courts. This can increase your car insurance rates, affect your license to drive, and in some instances, even your employment. An experienced traffic attorney can often protect your driving record by having the charges amended or diverted; or in some cases, even having the ticket dismissed. If you have a Kansas driver's license, you need to know whether the traffic violation you have been issued is considered "moving violations." A conviction for a moving violation will go on your record and may cause your insurance rates to go up.

Our traffic attorneys handle tickets in both Kansas and Missouri. We will take the time to explain the legalities of what can often be a complex system. For example, in Kansas, if you get too many tickets within a 12-month period, the Kansas Department of Revenue may suspend your license. In addition, you must notify the Kansas Department of Revenue of your new address within 10 days of moving. Failure to do so, may result in a citation if you are pulled over. Unlike Kansas, Missouri uses a point system, and if you get too many points from moving violations, Missouri may suspend your license. You need to know that just because something is a moving violation in Kansas, does not mean that it is one in Missouri, and vice versa. Whether or not it is considered a moving violation for purposes of your driving record depends on what state issued your driver's license.

When you receive a traffic ticket, you should not mail the fine in and forget it! At Riling, Burkhead & Nitcher, our experienced attorneys will explain what can be done and why you should never pay a ticket without consulting a lawyer. We will inform you of what rights you have, and how we may be able to help you negotiate your ticket to keep it off your driving record. This will help to ensure that your insurance rates do not go up, and that you do not risk losing your license due to too many tickets. Contact us today about your options.